We all want the best possible upbringing for our children....

Understanding why your child might be exhibiting challenging behaviours is one of the most important parts of helping them learn about themselves, move through the difficult times with resilience and grow into the best version of themselves. 

My intention is to support you as parents to understand your child's behaviour through their eyes, giving you valuable insight into why they might be challenging and what they need from you in order to cooperate and contribute at home or at school.

My support services include behaviour strategies, parenting tips and positive discipline techniques that will support your child’s emotional intelligence and character development whether they are toddlers or teenagers. 

All of my packages and workshops are designed around the individual nature of your child. Their innate temperament and behaviour tendencies play a huge part in how they experience the world and what they need in order to feel balanced.

Discover which of the four Natures you have at home here.

Jessie Buttons

- the NZ Super Nanny

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