Children have the ability to independently entertain themselves. 

However, if parents do not step back and trust that their children can entertain themselves, they will unintentionally take on the role of their child’s permanent entertainer. 

While this is a paren...

Harmony in the Home during School Holidays.
School holidays can be a lot of fun and with a lot of free time it can also create chaos and carnage. Close quarters with siblings can cause squabbles and screams. Kids at home all day culminates more dishes, more toys, and m...

I'm sure I'm not alone in the feeling that for some parents, the fastest part of the day during the week is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
This window of freedom is structured for ultimate productivity - completing all the tasks that are easier done without kids in tow, the one...

Children and teens are very clever at making connections with their environment. With an innate desire to belong, they look within their immediate environment to find their place and learn about themselves.

As they grow they receive information about who they are,...

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