Why not have your own permanent 

Super Nanny?

Global Nannies is committed to advancing the standard of child care around the globe by coaching and tutoring nannies, teachers and parents.


We place premier 'Super Nannies' in homes, and provide on-going support. 


Our nannies are trained and able to discern the needs and motivations of each child in their care. They adjust their style with each individual in order to get the most out of that child. One child may need comforting attention and encouragement, while another simply needs a challenging project and the freedom to do it his own way. We also assist caregivers with behaviour interventions that teach skills and solve problems.

Global Nannies offers specialised workshops, seminars and retreats, as well as in-home consultations for parents and their nannies.


We currently have Nannies available in Auckland, Hamilton, Cambridge and Wellington. For more information on having a Super Nanny in your home, call us now, we would love to help.


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