Christmas GIFT GUIDE for each of the 4 Natures.

August 28, 2019



The Social Nature.


1. Something Novel.

Tricks and gimmicks suit their light-hearted, fun-loving Nature and these children love anything to do with newness and novelty.  Display items such as special gems, rocks or cars to add to their collections.


2. Something Interactive.

Opportunities to get out and about and socialise with others is high on the priority list for a Social. Gift cards like movie tickets or theme parks are a great way to foster the Social way they relate to the world.


3. Something Creative.  

Anything that has no rules or limited structure allows for different possibilities and ideas. Think animation, variety and colour. Craft supplies, Lego or projects, jewellery-making or any other bright shiny accessories.


4. Something to Encourage Movement.

These children love to move their bodies. Honour their high moving Nature with games and toys that get them moving!  Wii Games, trampolines or moon hoppers would be fun.


5. Something Whimsical and Imaginative.

Give them opportunities to create imaginary worlds with their animated expressions. Dress-ups, puppets and/or a puppet show stage, games like charades, or favorite animated characters.


Out of all the natures, Social children love surprises the most. They also love to give gifts that bring joy to others. Have them help to give out gifts on Christmas day and watch their faces as they share in other people's happiness.




The Strong Nature.

1. Something Robust.

Because of their substantial energy, Strong Natured children tend to be rough on their belongings, so  toys that are more solid and durable will last. They enjoy hands-on activities that yield a quick result. Swing Ball or a cricket set, or anything that moves forward like cars, planes, trains or robots.


2. Something Competitive.

These children thrive on competition. Board games, Wii games or tech games where they are challenged to reach the next level will support their desire for competition.


3. Something Active.

Bikes, go-karts, anything to encourage gross motor skills. These active children prefer to be outside but indoor activities such as tumbling mats, an indoor swing, or Wii Games are also well-suited.


4. Something Practical and Useful.

A tool set is a great practical option as they love to get their hands on things. They are naturally entrepreneurial so gifts like a piggy bank, money or gift-cards would be appreciated.


5. Something Challenging.

Strong Natured Children love a challenge and they love to track their results. Projects are also great where they can stand back and see what they have achieved.


Strong Natured children like to lead the way by showing others how to use toys and games. Radio controlled cars also give them the feeling of control.



The Sensitive Nature.

1. Something to cozy up with.

Soft blankets, plush toys, or a plush pillow.  A comfy chair for their room and a book to cozy up with.


2. Something that records memories.

A polaroid camera and a scrapbook for displaying photos, a personal diary or sketchbook and some special pens or pencils.


3. Something comfy to wear.

These children prioritize comfort so comfortable clothes, pjs, or socks are good options but remember they can't be too tight or have any scratchy tags.


4. Something personal.

It's the thought that counts for the Sensitive Nature. Time spent together like a day out with Mum or Dad shopping or relaxing would go down a treat.  These children need to feel like you have really thought about them, a handwritten card is a great way to meet this need for them.


5. Something on their list.  

Sensitive children love to plan, so chances are they already have thought about what they want and made a list. Ask them what they would like to see happen, or their hopes and thoughts for the day or celebration. They would also be keen to help you plan out a shopping list and have been known to even wrap their own presents.




The Structured Nature.

1. Something they can perfect.

Lego or toys they get to design and focus on. A musical instrument they can learn. A set of golf clubs they can use to perfect their shot. Archery is also a good option as they are competing against themselves with precision.


2. Something to be responsible for.

These children are mature beyond their years and would be honoured to be given the gift of responsibility, such as a pet or a mobile phone. Ask them to think about exactly what they want and give them time to reflect on the bigger picture.


3. Something to do on their own.

The structured child needs time alone to recharge. A desk or book shelf for their room, puzzles, books, or picture dictionaries.


4. Something they can put in order or line up.

Sorting and stacking cups, cars and trucks to line up, wooden blocks.


5. Something to analyse.

Structured children value depth over variety and naturally consider how things work and fit together. You can facilitate this reflective curiosity by giving them things to figure out, take apart, or toys specifically designed to be explored. Chess, science experiments, or circuit boards are all good options.


Don't expect a level of high exuberance from Structured children when receiving gifts. They like to feel special but not overwhelmed.


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