I'm Ok With Your Big Feelings

March 18, 2017



We all have that one special person we go to with our problems. It may be your spouse, a good friend, or close family member. This person is always available to give you a shoulder to cry on; they listen as you describe your dilemma, they understand how you must be feeling, and they do not judge. Sometimes they don't even speak, but their body language simply say’s, “I’m here for you.”


Now, imagine that same person rolling their eyes at you for crying, trying to distract you with a quick fix solution, or dismissing your feelings by suggesting you're overreacting. Imagine them withdrawing their attention and warmth from you because you are in emotional distress, and it is making them feel uncomfortable.


How would it make you feel? Would you go to that person again?


This is how children feel when you let their emotions get the better of you; when they need you, you are reacting instead of responding.


In order to love children when they are at their worst, you must be able to feel their pain but not let their feelings make you uncomfortable. This way you can role model what emotional stability looks like.  After all, they are just feelings - feelings and noise.

If you are ok with their feelings - they will be ok with their feelings.


Artwork by haswa at: http://haswa.deviantart.com

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