People don't find themselves, they find their purpose.


Children and teens are very clever at making connections with their environment. With an innate desire to belong, they look within their immediate environment to find their place and learn about themselves.

As they grow they receive information about who they are, and their purpose in the world.  


In a competitive world of comparison and must haves, things such as appearance, academics and sports achievements can define a teenagers perception of who they are and why they are worthwhile.



But what happens when the information they get sends them the message:

“You're actually not enough until you prove yourself”. 

“Be something more”. 

“Be more like your brother”. 

“Who you are is inadequate”.


If a child moves through life and does not receive the much needed feeling of ‘I am worthwhile and I belong here’, then where will he go to find it?


Being shamed for who we are, feeling unimportant and misunderstood could very well be contributing to the reason why youth suicide statistics are so alarming. Many wounded adults in the world were sent the message as a child that it's not OK to be yourself. So, they decided to try and be someone else. Living out a purposeful life is difficult when you're trying to be someone else.  


On the contrary, If children and teenagers are surrounded by people who affirm them, they receive the message: I am important. I good at something. Who I am is valuable.

Only when they can see the value in themselves, will their tomorrows be bright.

Only when they realise their strengths, will they be able to over-come their weaknesses. 


I have met so many adults who say “I have finally found myself”. It is their PURPOSE they have found as they finally understand who they are and what they have to offer. I am left feeling happy for them but often wondering why it took them so long.


With information on the 4 different natures, you can help your children and teenagers learn more about themselves and discover who they are, so they never have to go looking.


Which Natures do you have in your home?

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