Harmony in the Home during School Holidays


Harmony in the Home during School Holidays.
School holidays can be a lot of fun and with a lot of free time it can also create chaos and carnage. Close quarters with siblings can cause squabbles and screams. Kids at home all day culminates more dishes, more toys, and more mess. And how much do they actually eat? They always seem to be hungry.                 
Here’s an idea for the best way to tackle school holiday chaos in 5 steps.

Step 1. List all school holiday activities available. Get a piece of paper and preform what I call a brain dump. 

Step 2. Print out a two-week calendar and add one activity to each day. These activities should preferably be out of the house. Either, going to the supermarket, an outing to the park, or visiting friends etc.

Step 3. Come up with a few back up ideas ie,  in case it rains a movie day at home, or if a child is unwell a drop off at Grandmas place.

Step 4. Give each child a budget and take them shopping for quiet time activities for their own personal quiet time box. Ideas are stickers, colouring books, games that they can play alone, books, crafts, puzzles, threading, knitting soft toys and cars.

Step 5. Have a family meeting to discuss the routines and events of family holidays. Morning routines should be exactly the same as the term time only more relaxed. 


The following times are just a rough guide, the sequence and the consistency of the events, is what is important. 

7am: Get up, make bed, get dressed, have breakfast, pack a day bag, make the kids a normal school lunch which will save money. 
10am-12pm: Daily outing.                  
12pm-12:30 home for lunch or packed lunch out. 
12:30-2:30 quiet time. This is the time where they can pull out their quiet time box. This also is the time for you to regain your sanity and complete any tasks that you need to get done during the day. It’s also important for them to have time alone apart from each other which will reduce sibling conflict.
2:30-4pm Free time. Encourage outside play, games and hands on projects. 
4:-5:30 Chores and screen time. 
5:30 dinner and family time. 
7:30-8:30 bed time.


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