In order to create Harmony in the Home, each family member must have their needs met. 

Now im not talking about survival needs like food and water, im talking about the needs of their individual Nature.

When a child has what their nature needs, they feel so good! They are happy, content, and all is well with the world.  Co-operation and compliance is a bi-product of a happy, contented child.

If you look closely, you will see that behaviour is need driven, and different children have different needs. So, how do we know what individual needs each child has?


This can be done by looking at the personality traits of the child; I call this their Nature. 

A child’s Nature is made up of the preferences and tendencies they were born with.  

Research shows we can generally classify children into four Nature types.


The Four Natures of Children are:

  • Social

  • Strong

  • Sensitive

  • Structured


How can you tell which Nature your child leads with?

First, look at their movement and expressions.  

Do they normally express a high and loud movement

or low and quiet movement?  

High Movement (Extrovert)

Social Natured kids are:

Fun-loving, random, playful, cheeky and creative! They are always on the look out for fun!



Strong Natured kids are:

​Reactive, determined and competitive!

They are always on the lookout for action or to get a reaction.


Low Movement (Introvert)

Sensitive Natured kids are:


Caring, quiet, intuitive and peaceful

They are always on the lookout to keep others comfortable



Structured Natured kids are:


Very serious, quite literal, perfecting and intellectual. They are always seeking information, asking questions and analysing situations


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